BQE Corridor Vision Community Partner Program

NYC DOT and its Consultant Team are reviewing applications for Community Partners to support engagement around the BQE Corridor Vision. Selected partners will be notified in November and will be expected to participate in an orientation session (date TBD).


As part of the BQE Corridor Vision, the NYC DOT is working with its consultant team, comprised of WSP USA Inc., WXY Architecture and Urban Design, and 3x3, to select community-based organizations to serve as Community Partners throughout the engagement process.

Up to 20 organizations may receive up to $25,000 between November 2022 and March 2024 for work that is directly in support of engagement around the BQE Corridor Vision. They will enter into agreements with the consultant team and will be responsible for producing agreed upon deliverables in a timely manner. Community Partner organizations should have meaningful community ties and demonstrated experience in mobilizing their constituencies. Priority will be given to organizations serving underrepresented communities and those serving constituents whose primary language is not English. NYC DOT seeks a diverse pool of Community Partners and encourages all organizations to apply, including organizations of all sizes and capacities, and that are comprised of or represent people regardless of race, color, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, disability or national origin. This opportunity is limited to established organizations, or those with otherwise proven track records within their communities; individuals and sole proprietors may not apply.

Through this partnership, Community Partners will help lead education and/or engagement activities that expand upon and proceed in parallel with planned NYC DOT-led engagement, with technical assistance provided by NYC DOT, WSP, and its sub-consultants. Community Partners will be expected to prioritize:

  • Equitable access to visioning through tailored events and activities
  • Momentum-building and support for participation in visioning processes, including for childcare, food, and transportation
  • Grassroots information-sharing and feedback
  • Coordination with local elected officials, community boards, and other stakeholders

Certain deliverables will be determined based on the Community Partner’s expertise, but may include:

  • Sharing information with their constituencies about BQE Visioning efforts and then hosting public meetings to gather input on NYC DOT’s proposals
  • Hosting pop-up events in their neighborhoods to hand out materials, administer surveys, and gather additional feedback that NYC DOT can use to refine and analyze proposals
  • Flyering commercial corridors in advance of meetings and workshops
  • Using their storefront, if applicable, to provide “office hours” where people can stop in and talk to the Community Partner about their priorities for the corridor
  • Collaboration with local electeds, community boards, and other stakeholders

Per each round of three rounds of engagement, each Community Partners must perform outreach tasks including, but not limited to:

  • Organize and host 3-5 events of at least 2 hours in duration
  • 5-10 hours of community-specific canvassing (street, phone-banking, or other mobilization)
  • Distribution of printed and digital information related to the project, with advertised feedback opportunities, including but not limited to NYC DOT feedback website
  • Engagement of New Yorkers for whom English is not their primary language (especially Spanish, Mandarin, Cantonese, Polish, Yiddish, and Arabic speakers)
  • Synthesis of critical feedback and learnings from engagement events and supporting activities